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Absorb what is useful, discard what is not


Don’t put effort into pointing out what’s wrong with that book, this song, the lecture, her diet, their philosophy. It might be more productive to pick what’s useful, be grateful for it and move on. Your time here is limited, don’t waste it.

If we build it, will they come?

Computer programming has come a long way. It used to be that you’d make software that did your taxes for you, and it had to just do that without breaking. The question used to be ‘Can we make this’ and if the answer was ‘yes’ then, it was common sense that people would come. 

Now the question has changed to ‘Will people use this?’

So many services you use today come from bold…

Don’t obsess over the Hammer, but over your vision of the table

There is this prevalent, unfortunate myth that its the tools that make the artist.

So the beginner guitar player spends his time looking at reviews of the perfect guitar pedal that will make him sound amazing overnight instead of putting in the time knowing her scales, modes, chords to then move onto play songs.

The beginner web developer looks for the perfect software that will make him a rock star developer instead of putting in the time hand coding sites on…

Nobody never listened to the yelling lunatic

You’ve seen them, they yell in the streets for people to wake up and see the truth, the one he’s willing to tell you, for free. Nobody stops or pays attention, all that passionate yelling for nothing.

The cult leaders do the opposite. Get the first follower, then the second, and so on. No, it’s not for everyone, and no you can’t get in easy. That’s how you build an army of followers who will drink your special kool aid…

The story of you

The brain doesn’t (and can’t) remember everything that ever happened to you. Its difficult to even remember what lunch yesterday smelled like, what you did between the hours of 4 and 5. Stuff from a month ago is even more blurry – a series of fleeting highlights.

You tell ourselves a linear story of how you got here. A lead to B which lead to C. Our culture doesn’t seem to like grey areas, uncertainties or failures so they get…

Jiro dreams of sushi



I watched ‘Jiro dreams of sushi‘ yesterday. If you haven’t watched it, I can’t recommend it enough. Jiro’s dedicated his life to perfecting the art of sushi making. He’s the oldest chef to be awarded 3 michelin stars for his restaurant that seats 5, that costs $300 a plate and is booked a year in advance. Jiro’s not average, he’s extraordinary.

How does he do it?

By not serving anything less than perfect, by having…

If its hard to do, maybe its worth it

Something being hard is a good indicator that not a lot of people are doing it, or doing it well.

If you can do the hard thing better than the others, maybe there’s an advantage there.

Choosing the hard thing to perfect is the real talent. It can be difficult but totally worth it.

You don’t need everyone







You don’t need everyone, you never have.

If you’re selling bottled water, maybe you need everyone, but you’re probably not.

A restaurant doesn’t need everyone walking past to eat there, it needs 100 who absolutely love the food they make.

A musician doesn’t need everyone to like her/his music, s/he/they need a 100 people who absolutely absolutely love it.

A TV show doesn’t need everyone watching from the first episode, it needs 100 people who absolutely love it.


Do they really trust you?

Whether you’re a company or a singular person, it has never been easier to have as much access to your connections. You can measure your likes, followers, open rates, conversions and work towards getting those numbers up. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. what gets measured gets managed.

There’s a downside to that. Asking yourself if they trust you (define ‘they’ as you will) is hard, and harder even to measure but more important in the long run, I think.