Do they really trust you?

Whether you’re a company or a singular person, it has never been easier to have as much access to your connections. You can measure your likes, followers, open rates, conversions and work towards getting those numbers up. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. what gets measured gets managed.

There’s a downside to that. Asking yourself if they trust you (define ‘they’ as you will) is hard, and harder even to measure but more important in the long run, I think.

Turning Up Vs Overnight Successes

I’ve recently been thinking about overnight successes, people who ‘make it’ in their world. Overnight Success stories are scarce, making them remarkable to hear. The media thrives on spreading stories like these.

The ‘other’ successes, the ones who turn up to do their chosen art, craft or work day after day and put in their time. These stories aren’t as sensational so we don’t hear about them often . Sometimes, these stories are covered as overnight successes when they’ve reached the tipping point to make them sound more interesting.

In my intuition, this is probably done for aspirational reasons, so you think you can become the great painter, author, musician, businessperson overnight. This is possible of course, but is it likely?

Ira Glass puts this in an interesting perspective.